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Producers' Post May 2015

Posted on May 04, 2015

The Producers' Post is a regular update intended to keep producers informed on announcements, upcoming deadlines and events and anything else of interest. To be notified when a new post is up, please subscribe to the PIC newsletter. Included in this month's post:



Festival Deadlines

Funding Deadlines

Job Opportunities




WNET keeps indie docs on Monday nights, while PBS plans to boost promotion - Current.org

For doc funders, broadcast on public TV remains key - Current.org

American Archive launches new website, with video to come - Current.org

Winning Girl wins Special Jury Award - Documentary Feature at Los Angeles Asian Pacific Film Festival

True liberation - Kumu Hina - The Huffington Post

Transgender kumu finds acceptance far from home - Kumu Hina - Honolulu Star-Advertiser

Vote for Kumu Hina for the Independent Lens Audience Award 

POV 2016 Call for Entries now open - deadline June 15


Kumu Hina - Independent Lens - PBS Premiere, May 4

Road to the Globe - Pacific Heartbeat - PBS Hawaii Premiere, May 9

Standing on Sacred Ground - PBS Hawaii Premiere, May 9 

Winning Girl - America ReFramed - WORLD Channel Premiere, May 12

Nā Loea: The Masters II - Pacific Heartbeat - PBS Hawaii Premiere, May 16

Islands of Sanctuary - Standing on Sacred Ground - PBS Hawaii Premiere, May 16

Women of Wonders Film Festival - Honolulu, May 28-30

Winning Girl - Women of Wonders Film Festival - Honolulu, May 29

Festival Deadlines

Mill Valley Film Festival - deadline May 15

Santa Fe Independent Film Festival - deadline May 15

Funding Deadlines

ITVS Digital Open Call - deadline July 1

ITVS has long supported the development and production of independently produced interactive media projects and web series, and after several years of thematic-specific requests for proposals, ITVS is proud to be opening a pipeline for producers to propose independently-conceived digital series projects for R&D and potential production. The online application is now live at the ITVS website, where prospective applicants can also learn more about eligibility and submission requirements. Applications for web series in any genre are eligible, whether nonfiction or fiction, episodic or anthology in structure, and may incorporate interactive or transmedia elements, such as those found in the final season of the ITVS series FUTURESTATES released last summer. Selected applications will contract with ITVS to receive $10,000 to $50,000 in R&D funding to develop and pilot their web series over the course of a six-month term.

PIC Media Fund - R&D Funding - deadline July 10

The Media Fund is PIC’s standing funding initiative, which provides funds for single non-fiction programs. This application deadline is for R&D Funding applications only. Projects applying to Media Fund must be intended for national public television broadcast and therefore must be able to enter into a license agreement – this is not a grant. 

MacArthur Foundation - Documentary Film Fund - proposals accepted Apr 1 - Sept 1, 2015

MacArthur funds the production of documentary films and participatory web-based documentaries that combine exceptional storytelling with in-depth journalism. They look for projects that challenge preconceptions and examine underreported social issues. These documentaries are intended to reach a large U.S. broadcast audience and, often, a targeted audience of educators, community leaders, advocates, and policymakers, and have the potential to spark dialogue, create understanding, and contribute to social and policy change. MacArthur accepts applications for documentary production funding once a year through the Documentary Fund.

ITVS LINCS Fund - rolling deadline

LINCS (Linking Independents and Co-producing Stations) provides matching funds to producer-station partnerships. Up to $100,000 in matching funds is available for a single broadcast program. LINCS accepts single public television programs of standard broadcast length, that include both broadcast and transmedia components, programs that can be completed within one year of contract, and will engage national as well as regional audiences, revealing universal themes through the lens of local perspectives and realities.

Ford Foundation Grants - rolling deadline

Ford Foundation grant making focuses on reducing poverty and injustice; promoting democratic values; and advancing human knowledge, creativity and achievement. Requests are accepted in categories such as project planning and support; general support; and endowments. Types of support include grants, recoverable grants, loans and loan guarantees.

Job Opportunities

National Alliance for Media Arts + Culture (NAMAC) Job Bank - Comprehensive nationwide listing of job opportunities in media arts 

Oregon Public Broadcasting (OPB) - PM Digital Producer

Union Docs, Brooklyn - Technical Assistant - Socially Engaged Documentary Workshop

Union Docs, Brooklyn - Events Manager


Active Voice - Resources - Discussion tools, field resources, and case studies created by a team of communications experts who specialize in working with powerful films to advance movements for social change 

Campfire Film Foundation - Short film acquisitions, awards, resources

Center for Independent Documentary - Filmmaker services, fiscal sponsorship

Panavision New Filmmaker Program - Grant program loans camera packages to student and beginning filmmakers

POV - For Filmmakers - Resources for filmmakers, including video interviews with master nonfiction storytellers, articles with filmmaking tips, and news about funding and calls for entries. Also over 50 documentaries from POV series free to watch online. 


Webinar: The Seven Elements of Strategic Marketing - Creative Capital - May 11, 2015

If we’re committed to being in the world, to making art about that experience, and to helping foster conditions where others can do the same, then our stories must be told. Marketing is key to that process. But what is it, and how does it work? This webinar will examine the seven elements of strategic marketing, and how we can use them to advance our communities and careers.

Financial Literacy for Artists - Creative Capital - Honolulu, May 16, 2015

Designed and led by a working artist with expertise in bookkeeping, budgeting, tax preparation, and financial management, this workshop will raise participants’ level of financial literacy, whatever their prior level of experience. Participants will learn an overview of basic financial terms and concepts, financial strategies for the self-employed, tips for segregating personal and artistic finances, and why it’s important, a primer on individual taxes, including tips for tracking deductible expenses and determining the real cost of making your work, tips for debt-reduction and start saving, and understanding of the pros and cons of establishing a non-profit corporation. Registration includes light breakfast, lunch, and workshop materials. Limited partial stipends available for neighbor island artists coming to O'ahu to attend.

Webinar: Art Business Management - Creative Capital - May 21, 2015

Led by artist Byron Au Yong, this 90-minute webinar covers all aspects of managing your practice, including managing relationships, hiring employees, contracts, negotiation, budgeting, cash flow, time management, space organization, marketing, and business etiquette.

Webinar: Website, Blog & Email Essentials - Creative Capital - May 28, 2015

Led by artist Sue Schaffner, this 90-minute webinar covers all aspects of your web presence. It will provide you with an overview of best practices for your web site, blog, and email marketing and communications, as well as case studies of artists who have established innovative and effective web presences.

The Fine Cut - An Intensive Seminar on Film Editing - Union Docs - Brooklyn, May 29-31, 2015

This workshop will expose a small group of participants (up to fourteen) to a diverse range of analysis and creative approaches to film editing, from hands-on practical issues like how to find the right editor, speaking their language, and creating a functional workflow, to in-depth discussions of more subjective questions, like how to develop the right approach for your story, and how different techniques make that story evolve. Over the course of the three days, participants will be guided by filmmakers, critics, editors, to a deeper understanding of the editing process in both theory and practice. Early bird deadline May 15th. 

Strategic Planning & Funding Your Work - Creative Capital - Honolulu, June 7, 2015

Based on content from Creative Capital’s esteemed Core Weekend, this workshop combines nuts-and-bolts strategies with an empowering approach for integrating strategic planning and fundraising into your creative practice. Key skills participants learn are a personalized system for using strategic planning to increase your satisfaction in your life and career, strategies for balancing time and money, how to create and use a business plan and why it is crucial to both personal and professional development, how to prepare for, organize, and pursue different types of fundraising campaigns, and strategies to form long-term donor relationships that support your artistic vision. Registration includes light breakfast, lunch, and workshop materials. Limited partial stipends available for neighbor island artists coming to O'ahu to attend.

Webinar: Social Media - How to Be Everywhere All the Time - Creative Capital - June 22, 2015

Led by Brad Stephenson, this 90-minute webinar covers all aspects of using social media to communicate about your work and ideas; expand your audience, peer and professional network; and create a deeper connection with the general public.  

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