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Media Fund

The Production and Completion submission period is now closed. Please check back in July 2018 for new deadlines. 

Please note that starting October 1, 2017, PIC will be accepting Media Fund Research and Development (R&D) applications on a rolling basis. If you intend to apply for R&D funding, please contact Ianeta Leʻi (ilei@piccom.org)

The following sections will cover information you should know before applying to the Media Fund:

Whether you are new to the Media Fund or not, we strongly suggest you read through all sections as policies and processes may have recently changed. However, you can skip to various sections at any time by clicking on the above links.  



PIC uses the following criteria when considering projects for funding:

  • Compelling storytelling.
  • Accurate and authentic representation of the Pacific Islander experience.
  • Programs that shed light on the Pacific Islander experience.
  • Programs that provoke thoughtful dialogue about the subject.
  • Knowledge and understanding of the subject as well as a thoughtful and sensitive approach.
  • The timeliness and relevance of the film's content to Pacific Islanders. 
  • Originality of subject matter. 
  • Stories that will appeal and be accessible to a national audience.
  • Programs in the R&D, Production, and Completion (Post-Production) phases.
  • Effective production and fundraising plans.
  • Competent creative and production teams that can complete the program within budget and on schedule.
  • Programs in which Pacific Islanders hold key creative or production positions.
  • Programs that adhere to PBS standards of objectivity and balance.
  • Single non-fiction programs of standard broadcast length [56:46 or 26:46; in rare cases, when the story warrants it, PIC will consider feature-length programs] in accordance with PBS broadcast specifications. For narrative programs, please read more about PIC's Digital Shorts Fund.



Independent producers are eligible to apply if you are:

  • The owner of the copyright of your production and hold artistic/editorial and budgetary control of the story.
  • At least 18 years of age and a citizen or legal resident of the United States or its territories.
  • Not employed as a producer or director by a broadcast entity or film studio.
  • Someone with previous film and/or television experience ina key artistic role (e.g. director co-director, producer, co-producer, executive producer)
  • Only applying to this PIC funding initiative at this time and do not have another project under consideration for other PIC funding.

Projects that are not eligible for Media funding are:

  • Programs that are not standard broadcast length [56:46 or 26:46; in rare cases, when the story warrants it, PIC will consider feature-length programs] in accordance with PBS broadcast specifications.
  • Programs in which the exclusive broadcast rights for the US and its territories are not available.
  • Programs intended solely for theatrical release or that are commercial in nature.
  • Thesis projects or student films which are co-owned or solely owned or copyrighted, or otherwise editorially or fiscally controlled by the school.
  • Producers who are not U.S. citizens or legal residents or production entities that are foreign-based, owned or controlled unless there is a U.S. fiscal sponsor.
  • Industrial and promotional projects.
  • Producers who are current signatories of a PIC-funded project may not enter into a new PIC contract until final delivery on their previous program is approved.


FUNDING CONTRACT TERMS:  What to Expect with PIC Funding

Media Fund is not your typical grant and PIC doesn't just provide funding for your project. If your project is awarded funding you will need to enter into a production agreement in which you will license to PIC the exclusive television broadcast rights for the U.S. and its territories. The reason we acquire broadcast rights is because we will distribute your project to the national public television system. Other terms of our contract worth noting are below:

  • Completion of your project according to your proposed timeline, treatment and budget
  • Adherence to a schedule of deliverables and detailed financial reporting 
  • Meet PBS editorial, underwriting and technical standards and specifications
  • Agree to receive regular feedback on cut from PIC in good faith
  • Inform and seek PIC's approval of other underwriters of the project
  • Inform and seek PIC's approval for any forms of distribution not controlled by PIC
  • Keep and report accurate and detailed bookkeeping for the project, and follow PIC's standards of budget management and reporting
  • Share with PIC a pro-rata percentage of net revenues of net distribution income
  • In-kind services and equipment are allowed in your budget. However, it should be capped to 15% of the total budget


If you plan to apply for Media Fund funding, we strongly suggest you contact PIC staff with any questions at mediafund@piccom.org