Family Ingredients

Season Three


Season Three

April 2023

Emmy Award-winning series FAMILY INGREDIENTS returns for its third season with new episodes that celebrate our Hawai‘i roots through food, connecting our genealogy to what we eat.

From the rural Hawaiian island of Molokaʻi to the west and north shores of Oʻahu and Kauaʻi, we swim and fish and slurp down mango ice cream. We visit thriving farms that feed us, local fashion designers that dress us and hosts that teach us how to surf and play the ‘ukulele. These stories remind us how much we love to eat and how to enjoy what we’ve got, with a spotlight on stewardship, community, and sustainability.

FAMILY INGREDIENTS, a lifestyle series that shares the true meaning of Aloha.


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Family Ingredients: Moloka'i - Poke

This is the island where Raiatea Helm was born and raised, created a hit song and began her musical career...

Heather H. Giugni
Dan Nakasone
Ty Sanga
Renea Gavrilov Stewart

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