Selection of PIC films available for purchase


Some of PIC’s programs can be purchased on DVD. If a program is not listed below, please contact for more information regarding where to purchase additional titles of PIC films.

Black Grace DVD

When Black Grace, a dance troupe of Pacific Islander and Maori men, first burst onto the New Zealand stage in 1995, they were a revelation.

Dances of Life DVD

For nearly 50,000 years, dances and songs have been an expression of Pacific Islanders' origins, their journeys, their struggles—their very existence. These are their "dance stories"—their Dances of Life.

One Voice DVD

One Voice tells the story of the Kamehameha Schools Song Contest through the eyes of the student song directors. 

Skin Stories DVD

Tracing back more than 2,000 years to the Pacific Islands, tattoo is an ancient art form that began as a rite of passage for Polynesians and has become a form of expression for people worldwide.

Then There Were None DVD

More than half a million native Hawaiians were living in the islands at the time of European contact in 1778.