About Us

We are a national non-profit media arts organization


Who We Are

PIC's staff members are devoted to bringing life the organization's mission, and creating a space for Pacific Islanders to share their voices through the language of film. 


Our Mission 

The mission of Pacific Islanders in Communications (PIC) is to support, advance, and develop Pacific Island media content and talent that results in a deeper understanding of Pacific Island history, culture, and contemporary challenges.


Meet the Team


In Loving Memory of Leanne Kaʻiulani Ferrer

Leanne Kaʻiulani Ferrer was the Executive Director of Pacific Islanders in Communications (PIC).  She was an award-winning filmmaker and has over 30 years of experience in the film and television industry.  Leanne had been with PIC for 10 years where she was responsible for the overall health of the organization while building networks and strategic partnerships. Leanne was a Fellow for the Chief Executive Program of the National Arts Strategies and a Juror for Festival International du Film documentaire Océanien (FIFO) in Tahiti. She was the Board President for Hawai‘i Woman in Filmmaking and on the Good Pitch Local - Hawai'i Steering Committee.

Two of Leanne's all-time favorite films were The Terminator and Terminator 2: Judgment Day (Special Editions, uncut). "I can't watch one without the other. The glimpse into the post-apocalyptic future, pending Judgment Day, the T-800 vs. T-1000, dreamy Kyle Reese, Sarah Conner's transformation, great catchphrases, romance, comedy, drama, action, adventure, sci-fi! The entire package, all in two awesome movies! Those are my top desert island downloads!"


Cheryl Hirasa is the Managing Director and VP of Programs. In her role at PIC, she oversees the development and distribution of all projects funded through various initiatives and is the series producer for Pacific Heartbeat, PIC's signature series on public television. She previously was the Senior Production Manager the Independent Television Service (ITVS). 

What is your all time favorite movie and why? Spies Like Us. It makes me laugh no matter how many times I've seen it.



Maluhia Kaimikaua is the Operations Manager. She is the first person you will see when you come to the PIC office. With her Aloha spirit and an ear-to-ear smile, no wonder people enjoy coming to the office! She finds happiness in her job by being able to work with awesome coworkers and passionate media making people she meets on the way. She previously worked at Hawaii Medical Center East and Homestreet Bank. 

What is your all time favorite movie and why? Trolls, because its such a happy go lucky movie, and I love to dance, and these TROLLS can get down! "I got that feeling, inside my bones... it goes electric wavey when I turn it on...I got that sunshine in my pocket, got that good song in my feet.... just dance, dance, dance!" Love dancing to this movie with my keiki's.



Roann Gatdula is the Communications Coordinator. In this role, he is responsible for quality control of the organizations brand across all promotional, website, and social media channels. He brings with him a considerable amount of experience in the Advertising and Design industry having previously worked for MC&A inc. in 2013, and Hagadone Hawaii from 2016-2019 and as the Club President for Ad 2 Honolulu from 2018-2019.

What is your all time favorite movie and why? That's a tough question! But I would have to say either Rocky (I) or It's a Wonderful Life. I love Rocky because it captures the triumph of the human spirit with an underdog going the distance when he had all the odds against him, and I love the message of It's a Wonderful Life; how the impact of one man makes all the difference in everyone's lives.