Interested in getting support for your project?

PIC Special Projects:

How to Apply



If your project meets the criteria of a PIC Special Project stated in the What PIC is Looking For section and you meet the eligibility requirements, please send a Letter of Inquiry that includes:

  • Project Description
  • Why you think your project is a good fit for PIC and national public television
  • Who your PBS station or public media co-producing partner is
  • Where youʻve secured a national public television broadcast (i.e. PBS, American Public Television, etc.)
  • Your total budget and how much you would be requesting from PIC
  • Brief timeline for completion
  • Your bio and resume

You should send your Letter of Inquiry to Cheryl Hirasa.

After reviewing your Letter of Inquiry, PIC will contact you to either (1) invite you to submit a full proposal, (2) invite you to revise or refresh your Letter of Inquiry, or (3) let you know that your project is not likely to be competitive at this time.