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Navigating Forward with a New Brand Identity

Posted on April 03, 2017

The year 2016 marked a significant milestone for Pacific Islanders in Communications. We celebrated 25 years of supporting, advancing and developing Pacific Islander stories through media. Storytelling has roots in us. It's an integral part of our culture that continues to help us learn, teach and connect with each other. Our mission today is to help guide those stories forward onto a global stage, bringing with them a deeper understanding of our people, culture and the challenges that we face now. Partnering with filmmakers who share in our values, we know that both innovation and experience are key to carrying our stories forward. These films will help the next generation of Pacific Islanders understand that they play an important part in our world, wherever they call home.

We continue forward knowing that we aren’t separated by the ocean. As Pacific Islanders, we are connected by it. We look back to remind us where we’ve come from, and we look forward to navigate new waters ahead. With this in mind, we’ve adjusted our "sails" and are excited to unveil our new logo. This new brand identity symbolizes our commitment to the development of Pacific Islander content, the support of our storytellers, the cultivation of our audiences and innovation in contemporary storytelling. We’re charging ahead and looking forward to the journey because it’s one that we make together — viewers, supporters, and storytellers. Our new logo reflects this voyage without forgetting how we arrived here. Thank you for making the journey with us.



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