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"Ka Piko" in 2018 PBS Online Film Festival

Posted on July 16, 2018

This year, PIC is happy to be a sponsor of the PBS Online Film Festival and presenting the film Ka Piko, by Bryson Chun. 

Ka Piko is the story of Makana, a young Native Hawaiian man, struggles with his tenuous connection to his Hawaiian culture. When his girlfriend dies during childbirth, he is forced to complete a traditional indigenous birthing ritual with his girlfriend’s overbearing father. Together, they go on a journey that takes them down the long and winding roads of Hawaiʻi island and up the tallest peaks of Mauna Kea in order to fulfill a promise and pave the path toward their uncertain future.

Don't miss the chance to dig deeper into the film in this "Behind the Lens" Q&A with Bryson here


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