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Ruth Tuiteleleapaga

Ruth Tuiteleleapaga

May 2016

Ruth arrived at Pacific Islanders in Communications in 1994 as the producer and director of The Samoan Heart, a segment of the three-part series Pacific Diaries. The documentary was an in-depth portrait of western trained Samoan artists Master Carver So’oialo Sven Ortquist and Art Professor Reggie Meredith whose artwork reflects their love for the culture that sustains, challenges and ultimately inspires them.

Her support of filmmaking infused everything she did from connecting with community groups, advising future producers, to picking up interns from the airport in the wee hours of the morning. Her enthusiasm was shared by her parents Rufo Suiaunoa and High Chief Tuiteleleapaga Peseta Fue Ioane, who served as welcoming hosts for several filmmakers during PIC film festivals in American Samoa. 

Ruth attended NYU Film School and is a former news anchor for KVZK-TV in American Samoa. She has presented original writings with fellow Pacific Islander authors in Hawaiʻi and American Samoa. Ruth's passion is to ensure a strong foundation for the Samoan filmmaking and writer’s community while encouraging all Pacific Islanders to share their creative voices.


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