Interested in getting support for your project?

Completion Funding

The next Completion funding application submission deadline is November 30, 2018 by 5 p.m. HST. The application portal will open November 15. 

Please read the Funding Criteria, Eligibility Requirements and Funding Contract Terms on the Media Fund page to make sure your project is a good fit. 

Media Fund provides up to $50,000 in Completion funding for single programs of standard broadcast length (56:46 or 26:46). In rare cases, when the story warrants it, PIC will consider feature-length programs in accordance with PBS broadcast specifications. Producers applying for Completion funds will need to enter into an exclusive four-year public television broadcast rights license for the U.S. and its territories.

Projects that qualify for Completion funding are ones that have already completed the research and development and production phase and are continuing post-production work. Producers applying for Completion funding must have at least 80% of their total budget raised in order to apply for funding. 

Media Fund does not provide funding for completed projects seeking distribution. This would be considered an acquisition. For more details on submitting your film for acquisition consideration, visit Series Acquisition

Along with filling out an application form, you must also submit the following application materials:

  • Project Description that communications the project's idea with as much detail as possible
  • Work-in-Progress (WIP) in the form of a rough cut
  • Sample Works - two previously completed projects that best represent your storytelling abilities
  • Key Personnel - resumes, bios and letters commitment for committed or proposed key personnel (e.g. executive producer, producer, director, editor, director of photography etc.)
  • Project Timeline for completing the project
  • Detailed budget that includes income and expense for the entire project beginning to end
  • Fundraising Strategy that includes specific funding sources and amounts
  • Target Audience - a description that explains why the program is appropriate for public television, its timeliness and relevance to Pacific Islander communities and other specific communities, and why it will appeal to a national audience
  • Training Plan that explains how this project will provide specific training or internship opportunities for emerging Pacific Islander producers or technical talent

Failure to submit any of the above listed items will result in disqualification of your proposal.

The application process is completely electronic and we no longer accept hard copies of applications. Please review the information on the How to Apply page for more details on application materials and evaluation criteria.